Saturday, March 21, 2009

O-bama, O-rganic, Oh!

Hurray! There’s now a kitchen garden on the White House lawn. But no beets – Barack doesn’t like them (uh-oh, remember what happened to Bush and broccoli…). Michelle Obama broke ground on a new organic garden at the White House, something that hasn’t been in existence since the days of Eleanor Roosevelt. See my earlier blog on the campaign for this symbolic support for food sovereignty and sustainability here.

And gosh, what a coincidence – Michelle and I wear almost exactly the same designer black knit pantsuit when gardening. Okay, okay, so I’ve actually been known to wear denim, but no, those aren’t my tats in the above photo taken at the Hamakua Alive! festival last year.

Governor Lingle, it’s your turn to jump on the bandwagon. I’d be glad to come by and give you a hand, as I am sure many school children would, too. The Hawaii Island School Gardens Network is up 50 participating schools now. You'll be hearing more about them on my blog this year.

For 10 easy to grow veggies for kids, click here.

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